Make someone’s day by gifting a clean!

We all love a sparkly clean house, but cleaning is not everyone’s cup of tea. And those whose job it is to do the regular clean rarely get the praise they deserve. What better way to show your appreciation than to hire a cleaner to take the strain. Besides, you can take all the credit without lifting a finger!

Once purchased we will email you a voucher which you can print at home and gift. Our most popular vouchers are set out below, but we would be happy to tailor these and personalise them as required.

Vouchers can be redeemed anytime up to 12 months after purchase.
Talk to us now for more details.

Any occasion voucher

Our most popular vouchers start at £60 which gives you a one-off, four-hour standard clean. You can choose to add as many hours to this as you wish, up to a full 8-hour clean. If you would prefer to gift a deep clean, please let us know as these are charged at a higher hourly rate.

Christmas post-party voucher

What could be better after a big night than to have the big mess magically cleaned away! With a little bit of notice we can work with you to arrange a specific post-season or post-party clean. You’ll be glad you thought of it!

New house, new baby voucher

There are some moments in life when a beautifully clean house is an absolute necessity, but the time and energy are not so easily found. Let us help you make the best start to your new chapter with an eco-friendly clean.