Our Story


“…squeaky clean without enlisting an arsenal of
nasty chemicals.”

Being able to get your home squeaky clean without enlisting an arsenal of nasty chemicals shouldn’t be too hard – or so I thought.

I’m Catherine, a mother of three energetic children and founder of My Green Cleaner. The Company’s creation was inspired by the difficulty I had in finding a local cleaning company that delivered an excellent service and which only used non-toxic, environmentally sound products.

Having young children meant that it was really important for me to avoid any unnecessary chemicals in my home and to have a cleaning company that understood my concerns.

After conducting lots of research (and testing products in my own home), I found a lovely UK based company that made their own cleaning products, by hand, using only natural, fit for purpose ingredients such as soda crystals, white wine vinegar, Borax and lemon juice.

We joined forces and My Green Cleaner was born.

Of course, good products only become great when they are backed up by excellent customer service. That’s why genuine customer care is at the heart of what we do.

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