Our Products

Our products are hand-made in the heart of the English Lake District, by two generations of a family-owned business.

Like us they are passionate about the environment and were inspired to create cleaning products which would cause no harm to the beautiful world around them, and which would not aggravate a growing list of respiratory conditions especially among children.


Working locally from formerly redundant farm buildings and using only traditional methods, their range of cleaning products are lovingly made as genuine alternatives to mass produced products.

     Their secret recipes are tried, tested and refined to ensure the highest quality and that they are up to the task at hand.

They include ethically sourced gems from the natural world, which have been forgotten and replaced in modern cleaning products. Their furniture polish, for instance, uses only oil of turpentine and beeswax, their kitchen and bathroom cleaners include the herb Meadowsweet which has long been recognised as having excellent cleaning properties as well as a wonderful aroma.

Above all, in the hands of our expert team of cleaners, these products are little wonders - packing a punch to rival any modern equivalent.

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