Frequently Asked Questions

I love the idea of using eco-friendly products, but are they as effective as standard cleaning products?
— Absolutely. Our products are remarkably effective. They may be made from natural ingredients but they pack a real punch. Many of our customers are asking to use our products everyday, so we are about to launch a re-fillable range to make this possible.
What’s the minimum time you offer for a regular clean? My flat is quite small but I do need some help now and again?
— Our basic package starts at three hours, though this can be every other week. Three hour cleans leave enough time for our cleaners to do a great job and still have time to get to the next clean, with a well-earned rest! We also offer special rates for one off cleans.
It looks like you cover Central and North Bristol areas - I live just outside this area, can you help me?
— We currently help residential customers in the Redland, Cotham, Clifton, St Andrews and Horfield areas. We also work with Commercial customers in central Bristol. We are constantly growing though, so please do get in touch and if we can help we will.
I’ve just moved in and need a deep clean and quickly! Can you help?
— Typically we use two cleaners for four hours to tackle deep cleans, which ensures you get a great result in half the time. We can arrange for these to be done quickly but it will depend on staff availability. Please do get in touch and we'll do our best to get something sorted.
Are you insured?
— Yes we are insured for Employers Liability (£10,000,000) and Public / Product Liability (£2,000,000). A copy of our insurance certificate is available on request.
Can you tell me how you vet your cleaners?
— We always look to employ staff who are relatively local to the areas in which they clean, so that we minimise our carbon footprint. Our team is made up of people looking to supplement other jobs or roles with a part-time cleaning role, most are already highly experienced cleaners. All staff are interviewed, vetted for cleaning skills, then trained to use our products properly. We also produce “job sheets” to ensure that each clean is as good as the first.